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Romanian Language Services


  • Romanian Conference Interpreter
  • Extracts of work: Appointed as a conference interpreter in Netherlands for EUROPOL
  • Romanian simultaneous interpreter-By definition, is considered to be the most challenging and most difficult linguistic exercise.By having the ability to listen to the speaker and render it in another language is a skill that needs to be learned and constantly updated. Mostly, an interpreter requires training before starting to work professionally as there are many complicated skills and tasks.
    Is normally used in situations where there are large numbers of people and more than 2 languages are spoken, such as a conference or seminars. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and is interpreting at the same time as the speaker is speaking. They talk directly into a microphone and the delegates wear headsets to hear the interpreting. This type of interpreting requires high levels of concentration, so the interpreters work in pairs, each doing sessions between 20-45 minutes. For any interpreting assignment, it is very helpful to provide the interpreter with copies of relevant documents, presentations, reference materials, several days before the meeting, so they can prepare in advance.
  • Romanian Consecutive Interpreter –Is used when there are only 2 languages involved and is ideal for smaller meetings,seminars,court hearings,police stations,business talks,factory tours, trade shows, etc. Each time the speaker finishes a sentence or paragraph they pause so the interpreter can orally interpret what it has been said. It should be remembered that this type of interpreting will make the meeting much longer,as everything needs to be said twice. Consecutive interpretation exists in two configurations: long consecutive and short consecutive.

    Long consecutive interpretation is more traditional and is used in more official or high level situations. The segment to be interpreted can be up to 5-10 minutes and sometimes longer and the consecutive interpreter should use a special note taking system to capture the meaning of the speech.

    Short consecutive interpretation is more casual and is usually limited to one sentence (or even a part of a sentence) at a time. Notes are usually not taken by the interpreter and there is a greater strain from memory.

  • Romanian Business Interpreter for public and governmental bodies
  • Romanian Police Interpreter
    • Is normally used during police interviews or court hearings, whereas the interpreter is interpreting phrase-by-phrase or in small chunks and is extremely important to be as accurate as possible and not alter or change what has been said.
    • Extracts of work: Assisted at police stations, prison visits and provided written statements for witness and victims.
    • Romanian Court InterpreterExtracts of work: I have worked as a Romanian interpreter in most Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts in Greater London, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and Witness Care Service

      I was appointed to act as an interpreter at the Royal Court of Justice, Isle of Jersey

    • Romanian Telephone interpreting

    • Romanian football interpreter


    • Romanian Legal Translator – Anything from letters to books! I will gladly sign an NDA (Non- disclosure agreement) if the client requires to.

      Extracts of work:

    • Letters for Patent Office for Invention and Trademarks, Probation Service, telephone instructions, clinical report forms, birth, death and marriage certificates ,diplomas, contracts and agreements for house sales.
    • Translated the book “Nobody’s Angels’ by Judy almond – in excess of 100,000 words
    • Romanian proofreaderinvolves checking a document to identify and correct obvious mistakes such as spelling, syntax, style and register errors.
    • Romanian Transcription


    • Interpreting conference speaker
    • Interpreting event organizer/ event managerOrganized mock conferences at London Metropolitan University
    • Language Consulting & AssessorFor the ITI and also Interpreter assessor for Language Line Solutions

    • Romanian language ONE-TO-ONE tuition (please contact me for further information)
    • Voice overs, narration, character voice, telephone prompts and dubbing
    • Interpreting Lecturer
      • Conference speaker -Presentation on Police Interpreting at London Metropolitan University ‘Police, camera, action’ –May 2016
      • Speaker on the panel meeting at 2016 Language Show– Continuing Professional Development: What, why, when, how Chaired by Stephen Bishop(Executive Director NRPSI) and panel members: Mirela Watson (APCI committee), Michael Wells (CIOL), Marta Stelmaszak (eCPD webinars), Gwen Clayton (ITI), Danielle D’Hayer(London Metropolitan University), Eulalia Pessoa-White (NRPSI)
      • Speaker on the panel meeting at 2016 Language Show – The world of court interpreting- a look at the work of court interpreters and the training they receive, chaired by KirstyHeimerl-Moggan (Senior lecturer in interpreting at UCLAN) and panel members: Richard Monkhouse (Magistrate), Alan Thompson (APCI), Elsa Cowie (Cardiff University), Stephen Bishop (Executive director NRPSI) and Mirela Watson (court interpreter).

      Terms and Conditions of business

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      I have provided language services as a Romanian Interpreter, Romanian Conference Interpreter and as a Romanian Translator for:

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