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Interpreter’s checklist

by Mirela Watson

2 January 2017

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Words: 282

Now that 2016 is history, we can look back and see what we have learned from the past 12 months. Compromised of 365 days to do things better, now we have a chance of a clean slate, learn from mistakes and strive to improve. A New Year, with new routines, new opportunities for every interpreter with 12 new chapters and 365 new chances. Let’s give it a go!    
Here it is my action plan:
On a personal level:
Less negativity and more positivity,
Less complaining and more doing,
Less working and more productivity,
Less bad things and more quality of life,
On a business level:
Create database for prospects and write to them each month,
Get a logo for your website or revise it,
Review all existing clients and send out feedback form,
Make your online presence more visible on the social media,
Join an association in your specialised area of interpreting,
Create document with all logins and passwords,
Keep yearly accounts and send them to your accountant,
Keep scans of all important documents and diplomas,
Create a CPD record,
Plan budget for conferences,
Renew existing membership to associations,
Update any changes of address, phone numbers with all clients,
Design an email signature,
Review your website content regularly,
Add testimonials and ask clients to provide you with one,
Get new business cards, letterheads,
Professional picture,
Design your own invoice templates,
Use a reliable online calendar for all your appointments,

Let’s see how many can you tick off the list.♥

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